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"How do you write everything so beautifully straight?" You often ask me this, and the answer is simple: I use lined paper. I use the lines during exercise and for writing orders. I even use them when I write your names on the order boxes. How to do it?

If you have the option of printing on the paper you will be writing on, then the light grids in the attached PDF will come in handy. If you want to practice on transparent paper (for example, you can use a Canson XL Marker sketchbook), then print out grids with black lines and use them like a classic sloth. You can proceed in a similar way with thicker paper, if you shine it together with the sloth from below with a transillumination plate. If you are writing on colored or thicker cardboard that resists translucence, all you have to do is line the grid with a pencil, for example using a line template. In this case, I recommend a soft pencil, which you can easily erase afterwards.

Opinions vary on the use of lines/grids in calligraphy, but if you're aiming for precise lettering, I recommend you try grids.

Download guide

The file contains grids with a line height of 5 and 7 mm for A4 format. You will find in it both vertical and horizontal grids. The grids contain both lines and auxiliary lines determining the slope of the font, in this case a slope of 55° (measured relative to the horizontal).

Here you can see a quick demonstration of linking using the link ruler:

Do you use grids for writing? Or do you have another way to keep the font straight?


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