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Copperplate Calligraphy workbook (Part I - minuscules)

Copperplate Calligraphy workbook (Part I - minuscules)

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Now available in English!

This workbook is a great resource for both beginner calligraphers and anyone looking to improve their writing style. In the first part (second part coming soon!), we will focus on lowercase letters. Over a total of 37 pages, we will cover the following essential aspects to master this beautiful script:

◾ Introduction to the Pointed Pen: Familiarize yourself with the pointed pen through beginner-friendly exercises.
◾ Exploration of Basic Strokes: Navigate through the core strokes, analyzing their application in various letters.
◾ Variations in Letter Forms: Discover the nuances within certain letters, exploring their diverse forms.
◾ Summarizing the Lowercase Alphabet: Condense your understanding by reviewing the entire lowercase alphabet.
◾ Connecting Letters: Explore letter connections extensively, refining your skill through dedicated practice.
◾ Word Connections: Learn to connect letters within words, particularly those applicable to celebrations and well-wishing.
◾ Crafting a Pangram: Conclude your journey by crafting a pangram – a sentence encompassing all alphabet letters.

This 37-page workbook is conveniently available in PDF format. You will also receive a PDF file containing free practice grids in several sizes and orientations.

Printing Tips:

The workbook is designed for an A4 page format. While most pages adopt landscape orientation, please note that there are exceptions. Opt for automatic page orientation during printing. Choose suitable paper for writing, with recommendations including Mondi Color Copy, Xerox Premier, or Xerox Colotech+ (starting at 120 g/m2). Alternatively, consider Mondi IQ Selection Smooth 80 g/m2 paper. Equip yourself with the right pen, ink, and paper to embark on an enjoyable and rewarding calligraphy practice.

Don't wait – start your calligraphy journey today!

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