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Exercise book of calligraphy in the style of Copperplate II

Exercise book of calligraphy in the style of Copperplate II

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This workbook follows the first volume of the Copperplate Calligraphy Workbook dedicated to the letters of the small alphabet. The writing book is great for both beginner calligraphers and anyone who wants to improve their writing style. In the second part, we will focus on the letters of the uppercase alphabet (capital letters). On a total of 44 pages, we touch on the following topics:

  • a warm-up you should do before each writing session
  • basic stem or "universal beauty line"
  • we will discuss all the letters of the alphabet, break them down into individual strokes, which we will practice separately
  • for some letters, we will show their other frequent variants
  • at the end we will show you "alternative flags", a simple option to change some letters

The handbook contains 44 pages and is in PDF format. You will receive a link to download the file immediately after paying (by card) or adding money to the account (when paying by transfer). So you can print it right away and start practicing!

Print a copybook

The second part of the copybook is entirely oriented vertically. However, you won't spoil anything if you choose automatic page orientation when printing. Print on paper that you will write directly on. For writing with pen and ink, I recommend smooth paper of higher weight (from 120 g/m2), e.g. Mondi Color Copy, Xerox Premier or Xerox Colotech+. However, Mondi IQ Selection Smooth 80 g/m2 paper is also excellent. Now all you have to do is choose the right pen , prepare your favorite ink and get up to practice!

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Formát: A4 Vazba: loose leaves Počet listů: 44 Gramáž (g/m2): 120 View full details
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