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Iron gall ink

Iron gall ink

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Iron gall ink has been used for centuries, dating back to the Roman Empire. It is made by combining tannin from oak galls with iron sulfate (also known as ferrous sulfate) and other ingredients such as gum arabic and water.

Our recipe is based on the original procedures, but we have adjusted the ingredients for the best writing experience. The ink is produced in smaller batches, so only a limited amount is available.

At first, the ink looks bluish-gray, and it gradually darkens on the paper. It is waterproof after drying. Iron gall ink is great for writing with dip pens. We do not recommend using it with fountain pens, since the drying ink may clogg the pen. After each writing session, clean your dip pen well (just rinse it with water and dry it with a napkin) so that the drying ink does not form deposits on it. Iron gall inks produced by other manufacturers may cause pen corrosion and make the paper brittle. Don't worry, our recipe is well ballanced and the resulting ink does not damage writing instruments and surfaces.

The ink is supplied in a plastic bottle with a wide mouth for easy dipping. If you use an oblique pen holder, transfer some of the ink into our mini ink bottle, which will make dipping even more convenient.

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